Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jacci's Pope Playlist

Rocket Queen: Guns n Roses
Love the Dough: Notorious BIG
Rainbow in the Dark: DIO
Don't say MotherFucker: Turbonegro
C.R.E.A.M.: Wu Tang
Godzilla: Blue Oyster Cult
All I Need: RZA
Here Comes My Girl: Tom Petty
Teenage Kicks: Undertones


  1. Hi Jacci! Love your blog. I've got one too! The link is this:, Check it out and if you like it, you can put it on the link list too.

  2. hey! i think i blogged about your site one time...

  3. Yeah I checked that out and I really appreciated that! Thnx! I moved on to this site: Can you put me on the link list too?

  4. Yr the best! Drinks on me when I see you