Sunday, January 31, 2010

My thoughts on the Grammys

Ok I'm totally going to "live blog" these grammys...or for as long
as I can stay awake/interested. I also don't know really what live 
blogging is so I'm just going to write down what I think as it goes on.
It's probably going to be really cynical. Sorry Conan.

-I actually don't mind Lady Gaga. But I wasn't very impressed by this performance. Eminem already "shocked" everyone once by bringing out Elton John. You did not shock anyone.

-Maxwell, best song of the year? Are you serious? That song goes so WEAK. Taylor Swift, I still don't understand why you're famous. I'm glad Beyonce won.

-God I hate collaborations. (I'm talking about this Green Day shit with 500 people on stage). Did you know collaborations are one of my pet peeves? I'm switching the station for a minute.

-Wow Lincoln cars just used a friggin Peter Schilling song (Major Tom) covered by some other band in their commercial. That got my attention. (For 25 seconds until i got mad)

-Ok we all know how great IPhones are. Stop rubbing it in my face.

- Lou stop trying to drink my hot chocolate

-Why is Kristin Bell famous?

-Oh wow thanks for letting us choose from Bon Jovi's 3 worst songs to have him play later.

-Stop acting surprised you won the country award Taylor Swift. You ARE still a country singer.
You look like a strange cat.

-Haha Destiny's Children

-"If i was a boy i would turn off my phone and tell erryone i was sleepin. YEAH RIGHT" -Beyonce

- Beyonce you're perfect but why this song?? "Why not Get Me Bodied"?

-Whoa ok...Now she's singing Alanis Morrisette HAHAHAHAHA

-Wow I am so uninterested by those previews I might have to leave the room already.

-Olive Garden looks better than it is.

-I am hungover..and its 8:30

-Can anyone name any song by Seal other than Kiss by the rain or whatever its called?

-Omg Pink. You are disgusting to me. Sorry. You look ridiculous and unclassy. What the hell are you wearing? If you close your eyes, she actually doesn't have the worst voice in the world. Wow this spinning in the air thing is so weird and actually really giving me the Creeps! Standing ovation for someone who just stripped naked and got spun around in the air. How amazing.

-Who the F is the Zac Brown Band??! Ok 3 former "indie " bands are up for "best new band". weird.


-Ok this is the end of this live blogging. I'm done with American music.


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