Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Night Train Interview with Dennis Wolffang

Most of the "hipster" (if we can call it that anymore) crowd  of Philly will probably remember a party that started this past summer with the opening of PYT in the Piazza. It was called Night Train and consisted of djs Dennis Wolffang and Ian St Laurent. They even went as far as to throw a special version of their party on Halloween at one of their favorite hangouts: a strip club called the Penthouse Club. The duo then wondered why they were starting to get a "creepy reputation." So they went on hiatus and now they are back and better than ever with the return of Night Train at a new venue and on a new night.

We already know all about Ian St Laurent because I interviewed him a few months back. You can find his interview here: All about Ian. But what do we know about Dennis Wolffang? Not much. So here you go. Let's get to know Dennis. Go!

Me: So, like who are you? Where the hell did you come from anyways?
DW: I'm nobody. Well I moved back to Philly from Tokyo in september of 06' tried to hang with the cats i was running with in the early 2000's selling drugs and shit. I pretty much just picked up my old habits pre-Tokyo vision quest and burnt a lot of people and ended up with a needle back in my arm. Got sober in November of 07' hooked up with Gregg Forman in 08' the rest is a rap, babe. Motherfuckers thought i was from LA or NYC or some shit. I lived here my whole tripped out life. Minus the 3.5 years in Tokyo.

Me: You're pretty young, but you've been through a lot. Please elaborate on some of the experiences that brought you to where you are now.
DW: I'm 26 Yo.! Your younger then me. I have been through a lot of shit though, i could tell stories for days but some are really depressing. I've also had some pretty righteous experiences as well. In the last week of november 2007 i was in my 10th and hopefully last detox/rehab and something happened to me which i can only explain as the power of God. Something inside of me changed and i didn't wanna die a junky scum fuck. I was praying and shit scared to death for real. I didn't see a white light but it was pretty profound. Haven't picked up a drink or a drug since. Like a modern day miracle and shit. If i got what i deserved i'd be rotting away in jail in Tokyo or dead with a needle in my neck some where in Kensington. There's something out there bigger then you, me, and The Rolling Stones.

Me: Why do you stay in Philly?
DW: If i had the money to roll i would. Shit, if i could gig in Japan i'd go back in a cool minute. Well, after i took care of those warrants i still have in New Jersey. Definitely not trying to get booked getting on a plane. that would be a bummer.

Me: How did you start djing? Who got you into it?
DW: I used to throw these Nitrous party's in my mom's basement in like 99' Some how i came up on a pair of turntables and a mix. probably through some kind of shady deal, But the records i had sucked. I had like 1 lame ass set and i couldn't even begin to beat match. But, i was so wasted back then i didn't even matter. I don't even know what happened to them. Probably ended up in the pawn shop with the rest of my shit. A little over a year ago Gregg invited me to play Michael Princes birthday with him at the Lost Bar. That event started me off moonlighting as a Dj.

Me: I know you are like me and like lots of different types of music. What is your favorite type to play?
DW: I'm all over the place. Rock and Roll-Funk n Soul- Indie Dance. Dark Pop whatever. I def don't fuck with House music, though. 

Me: Do you get more or less chicks ever since you got HAND SOME tatted across your knucks?
DW: Less strange pussy more reg pussy, and i'm happy about that. Your really trying to pull my card, huh Jac.

Me: That's what I do best. What will your next tattoo be?
DW: I'll probably let Eddie Kes finish my stomach. Then get my right arm finished.

Me: Who are your fashion "role models" or inspirations? Or do you just whip stuff up out of your ass?
DW: As i get more mature definitely Nick Cave. My man is the epitome of Rock-Chic. you know a sophisticated glob trotter like myself has many avenues of inspiration. I stay plugged into Street Peeper on the reg to see what people are doing outside of Philly. One time Russ Alexander told me i looked like a Mod Vietnam war vet. That was pretty cool. Even when i was homeless i was rocking Jordan 3's.

Me: You really like to go thrift shopping. What is your best thrifted treasure?
DW: I've been into thrifting since highschool always dug second hand shit. Me and Ian were fucking killing it thrifting up in Massachusetts a few months ago, i mean like really taking care of business. I found this spectacular vest with stones all over it, and Ian was like " That shit looks weird. Nahh don't get it." maybe he was jelly. I actually wore it when i was DJing at Penthouse Club. Another time i scored some really dope black brand new Chelsea Boots for 9 bucks.I was thrifting in LA a few months ago, and i found the most magnificent western button down EVER but had a falling out with the girl i was staying with and left it in her dryer while she was throwing me out. She probably threw it in the trash.

Me: I dont know about the kids these days. Do you?
DW: Man, i cant call it.

Me: What can we expect from the NEW Night Train?
DW: I'm so happy were doing this jawn at KFN. As soon as bookings clear up we'll be booking bands that were into to and have them play before we start djing. For example- NIGHT TRAIN presents BLAH BLAH BLAH and so on and so forth. We really, really want to support local acts as well as out of town bands and DJ's. Every city in the fucking country has a super awesome party on a weekly basis like were trying to do. The missing key is bringing everyone together.

 Me: What guest dj's do you have in store for us?
DW: Were def booked up with out of town guests as well as local guests for the next two months. And were trying to put something special together for Feb. 11th . stay tuned.

Me: What's your secret?
DW: Staying in the moment. Thats the only place i've ever found true happiness. Not worrying about all the fucked up shit i did in the past or pondering how I was going to arrange the future, because that shits none of my business.

Me: One more question, and the one I'm sure we've all been wondering about. It seems like a lot of the philly male djs have recently taken up going to the gym. What is that all about? Do you work out in your jeans and boots? Thats a rumor i've heard.
DW: I've worked out in jeans in the past. I don't know i guess were just trying to get our health on. Today i wore my old Gang Of Four shirt and John Reddin wore his Sweatheart tee. I know Ian wears sweat pants that he got at Target.

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  1. Ha!
    Ian in sweatpants and John in Sweathearts.

    Nighttrain=creepy dudes
    rocktits=loud denim dudes.

    rocktrain(nightitts)=creepy loud denim dudes. . . with a promise.