Friday, January 22, 2010

The Original Party Pics

When I was like 18-19 I would look through this book
nearly everyday and stick little pieces of paper in the pages
that had my favorite characters and outfits. I just looked through
it again, and all my little tabs are still there. It's a picture book by Jim Jocoy
called We're Desperate and its basically a slew of photos from the early
New York punk scene. If you mixed some of these photos in with
some current party pictures, you might not even be able to tell the 
difference, as many of us dress like they are dressed today.
But what I love about these people, is that 35 years ago they did 

not have internet, and other such forms of technology. They couldn't
lurk someone's myspace page and go "ooh that looks cool, i'm going
to start doing my hair like that." No. They fucking made this shit UP.
I wonder where they are now.


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