Monday, February 22, 2010

I've got some random tattoos...

I have no plans tonight and I am tired and grumpy so 
I'm going to sit here and talk about myself.


This was the first one I got on my inner arm. I was 18.
It is a symbol that is on the cover of a Buzzcocks album.
I used to be really into the Buzzcocks. Obviously.
It's a friggin screwdriver going into a heart. 
How punk rock...err emo.

Then I went and got this gem (literally) HA, right
smack in the middle of my forearm.
It was actually from a picture taken of the sign on one 
of the diamond stores on Washington Ave.


This one I got on my 21st birthday I think? 
It was a birthday present...kind of. Kind of a backhanded
one if you ask me. Anyways, I brought in an owl necklace 
to Eddie Kes and asked him to please add the Chanel
logo into the owl's eyes.


The next one I got is a drawing by Ossie Clark
(one of my favorite 60's designers). It's a fancy lady 
riding some kind of vulture. 
Ashley and I took the greyhound bus to 
Atlantic City to get tattoed. The main thing I remember is 
a kid in there with a tattoo across his forehead that 
said "here comes the pain" that only shows up under a 


Um this one is of  a mini dwarf horse standing up.
You can tell it is a real mini horse because I 
specifically told him to draw it shorter and fatter than 
a full sized horse. This one I got done in Newport, RI by
Nina's ex their house. The chair I was in 
collapsed at one point...while I was getting tatted. Haha.


This is the only one with real significant meaning. I got this one
also in Newport, by a different dude but also in someone's 
house. I got it as a rememberance of my friend Trevor that
passed away in 2007. The last time we hung out was on a sunny
warm day, on a bench under a tree on 4th and Bainbridge. We rode our 
bikes there and sat there for hours talking shit. 
And no our bikes were not floating in the air like they are in this tattoo.


This one I got with Jose about  a year ago.
We were tipsy and bored and decided to get matching tattoos.
We were trying to think up something small and fast and 
cheap and funny. This is what we came up with. I'm pretty sure we
were like "we want 'Haha' in Helvetica" and the dudes were like 
"hel-- what??" and had to google it.


I got this one a few months ago. I went with Dennis and Ian 
out to Eddie Kes' new shop in the Northeast. I knew I wanted 
some kind of lion with "one cool cat" underneath, and he definitley
made it look a lot better than I was imagining it would. Probably 
the most well done tattoo I have.

Oh yeah I also have a big lower back tramp stamp that I will 
not be showing right now.

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