Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let's look at some jumpsuits

Marisa Tomei in a floral jumpsuit fomr My Cousin Vinny.

Vintage 60's floral catsuit.

A modern floral twist.

Alexa Chung in lace jumpsuit.


Stella McCartney lace jumpsuit. I think I could live in that thing. 
(without the belt...i dont really like that thing)

  Ummm that is Dakota Fanning.

Denim MINI jumper.

I've sold my fair share of jumpsuits as well...


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  1. i hope you visit if you like unitards and jumpsuits!
    is that you in the leopard uni? we have a section called U in a Uni if you want to be included... i would just need what name you want on the poloroid!