Friday, February 26, 2010

My rap of the day

Yeah I know you keep checkin my blog
While I make more green than kermit the frog
Bringin home more bacon than an overweight hog.

And I'm sexy,
kinda like Johnny Depp-sy
Hot like Pamela Lee, without the hep C.
Its the j a with the double c.
But I'm more like a double d.
The bitches wanna kill me.
And these dudes can't fullfill me

Thats why i stay single again.
Just like that song by Trina.
My ass not as fat but I'm a whole lot meaner.
He wearin jeans so tight that i can see his weiner.
Speedin so fast bout to catch a misdemeanor.

So how ya like me now missy?
 I'm gettin mad drunk and feelin all pissy.
Off some Zingers and whiskey.
I wish your man would frisk me,

But I ain't no home wrecker.
I'll just keep makin these grand slams.
Like Boris Becker.

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