Sunday, February 28, 2010

My rap of the day

I'm in south philly writin mad raps.
You in the burbs steppin in cattle craps.
And you aint no mad cow.
More like a sad clown.
Think you can bring me down?
Fuck that I run this whole town.
You couldn't handle this city.
You too shitty and real unwitty.
Tryin to be me? Never.
Cuz you're not this clever.
You're such a bore. Turn you off like the clapper.
Then take a shit on your front door. Crapper
This is some bullshit. Male cow.
How ya like me now?


  1. You sound like you haven't left the block in a year...
    Meanwhile I've been cruisin the stratosphere..
    Making my moves, on the low
    So recognize, you lil .....
    You just a dime a dozen, I need a dozen dimes
    And you just a waste of time
    I'm just tryin to be nice, cause people told me to
    They said we have similar personas, me and you
    But you's a fake, I'm the real deal,
    And it's lookin like you need to eat a meal
    Cause you and ur hood are lookin shitty...
    Would rather be steppin in grass than in that shit city..
    So you can run your 'block'
    Meanwhile I got the whole state, CA and BK on lock
    You just a sad and lonely blogger
    And I don't even need to make this last line rhyme