Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random thoughts and pictures

I look like an elf or some weird creature thing there but whatever.
I was trying to figure out my outfit to go to Making Time last night.
I didn't wear either of those outfits.
I have wine lips.

In the H&M fitting room. We went shopping today. Like all day.
An old woman in line at Daffy's turned around to me and just goes
"Give me that shirt. I want your shirt" about that Bart Simpson shirt.

This is what I came home with today. Doesn't it kind of look like one
of those spreads on the last page of what you should be
carrying around in your purse. Here we've got 2 magazines (I get so 
excited for March magazines because they are mad THICK! Did you know
thin magazines is one of my pet peeves?). Also, a bunch of new underwear
and bras. Some sale sneakers from Urban. Various tights and leggings.
Black satin leisure pants (haha). Oh and then to top off our day, Carolyn
and I decided to each buy a "mystery" perfume. Meaning we didn't smell
them before we bought them, and just based our pick off the box they came in.
I got that Jean Paul Gaultier one. I'm not very happy about it. 
Word to the wise. Don't buy mystery perfume.

Do you ever wonder about things like this? Like who designed
that sticker? Who thought it would be a good idea to design a sticker
like this? It's like the same thing as how people design such
ugly clothes. Why would you make something so ugly? Just stop it.

I just like this picture.

I'd like to give a shout out to the Wu Tang station on Pandora.
It is really on point. If you like Wu Tang, Nas, Biggie, Gangstarr,
Mobb Deep, etc, then I recommend this station for you.

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