Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring ad campaigns

There's nothing I love more than a thick March issue magazine. 
And there's nothing that pisses me off more than a thin magazine. Ugh. 
I don't even care that the thick issues are mostly just ads, because i LOVE 
looking at the new ad campaigns. Here are some of the 
ones that were most memorable to me.

The Tom Ford ads...Super classy and clean looking with a
hint of sluttiness. 

The Versace ads. I always like gap toothed models.
And the shoes in all the ads are phenomenal.

The Miu Miu ads. Very mod, sort of Penelope Tree-esque.
I like the model, the styling and the shoes of course.

Alexander McQueen. Yeah she's wrapped in
snakes with those freaky hoof heels on.

The Givenchy ads. Overly good looking.

The Lanvin ads. I love Lanvin. And these
ads are dope.

The Moschino ads. Simple and straight to the point
layout with totally 80's-tacky yet fabulous styling.

The Balenciaga ads. Um that looks great. What
else can I say?


  1. the Lanvin one is amazing, and what can I say about Tom Ford? I adore!