Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Disecting an Extreme Video

How do you feel about this video? They really sing the shit out of this song. 
The one guy is just like yelling this song into the sky..into the wind. 
It has some great fashion in it too...

The first outfit at :15 seconds is pretty good...while he's walking down the stairs from the waist down, it's just like saddle shoes and skinny black pants. Those two things are always cool....then you see the top half of him and like whoa.

The next guy has real nice long, black hair. And he is wearing spandex shorts, with combat boots and socks. This i like.  Spandex is ok because David Lee Roth also wore them.

One guy is just a pirate. Pirates are cool, but I don't think this guy is very awesome. Sorry.

Some of the comments under the video are cool.

"u mean 80's right? long hair stopped happenin around 92'-95'"

"At 2:22, there is a guy clapping and a girl with short black hair side by side center frame. I'm right between them with the blonde hair."

"This is just flat a hoppin' song in any decade "

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