Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Girls About Town

This is a new section where I will showcase Philly
"Girls About Town" who have a unique style and presence.
You have probably seen them around. 

This is Shawn Tymon

Me: How long have you been in Philly?
ST: In and out since 99.

Me: How would you describe your style?
ST: Teenage vampire. Crossword puzzler chic. 
Catwoman can-can girl. 
La decadanse. Not so tomorrow. 

Me: What is your most treasured thrift find?
ST: My veronicalakesorceress satin robe from the 30s.

Me: Where do you like to shop around here?
ST: Decades, i have gotten such amazing things there. 
And Wilbur, definitely. I got one of my favorite dresses 
at Sweet Jane. And that store over on Pine street and, 
i think, tenth, is like an archive of cool old shit.

Me: Who are your fashion idols/inspirations if any?
ST: yes. men, tarts, cats, morrissey, madame blavatsky, 
hollyweird, the girl on the cover for night of the living dead, 
the way sixties girl groups sound, the savage skulls, the royals, 
el topo, prostitutes in the 70s, the french 80s, geishas, griselidis real, 
evil kenival, punks, africans, sailors, victorians, dancers, dandys, 
opium dames and jesse james, in spirit.

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