Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girls About Town

This is a new section where I will showcase Philly
"Girls About Town" who have a unique style and presence.
You have probably seen them around.

Darshana Borah

Me: How long have you been in Philly
DB: I was born in New Delhi India, and raised in Philadelphia proper. 
Though I have lived elsewhere in this world, 
I love this city. It’s beautiful, gnarly, and awesome.

Me: Describe your style
 DB: Woodland, summer nights, witching hour, future bleak. 
Some days dark elve, and other days a sweet little grandma
girl child. I love parasols, cloaks, vintage summer 
dresses and lace up boots.

Me: What is your most treasured thrifted find?
DB: My most treasured finds are my junk jewelry collection, 
pieces from the 20s-80s. Some may be older. I 
have found these over the years at flea markets, antique 
shops, and thrift stores. My favorite pieces are my collection 
of butterfly broaches made of real butterfly wings. I love 
them because they are beautiful yet slightly sinister. 

Me: Where do you shop in Philly?
DB: Daffys & Ross are my favorite shops for new items. 
You can find really amazing clothing and footwear. 

Me: Do you have any style role models?
DB: Sharmila Tagore, RA Salavtore novels, French 
New Wave. Tammi Terrell,  Fairy tale illustrations 
by Edmund Dulac & Kay Nielsen, Kira & Jem (Dark Crystal)

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