Monday, March 1, 2010

My rap of the day

I'm like Stevie Nicks,
one of those cool ass chicks.
You more like Stevie Wonder. Blind.
Can't see what's in front of ya,
But I ain't gonna sweat it,
Like Keith,
Keep talkin shit you gonna need some new teeth.

Hold up, now I'm Helen Keller.
You're so far down, hidin in the cellar
And I can't see ya.
I can't reach ya,
You're too low down there,
You should go grab a high chair.
Little baby.
Maybe then you'll be more on my level.
Keyword: maybe.

So you wanna go run with that lame ho?
I'll just stay in, watch SNL with J-LO.
Go online, order up some domino.
Yeah them chicken kickerz n cheezy bread.
Eat like half that shit and go straight to bed.

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