Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Gregg Foreman Interview

This time I've decided to interview an old friend of mine, Gregg Foreman. 
I've known him for about 8 years now. He's definitely one of the 
more interesting and influencial people that I've met since living in this 
city. He's always got something going on, and as of lately he seems to be 
on a very positive route. Whether you actually know and love the man, or 
are a hater, you probably have at some point wondered about him. 
I haven't seen Gregg in a while ( I think the last time was when Cat Power 
opened for The big deal), so I was pleasantly surprised 
when I started hearing a bunch of buzz on XM (yeah we listen to xm 
blog radio at work) about his new project All Saint's Day with the girl 
from Vivian Girls. I figured this would be a perfect time to ask him a 
few questions. Here ya go!

Me: Explain yourself.
GF: I am just a fellow who is trying to live it !

Me:Name every band you've been in.
GF: All Saints Day . Cat Power . the Rare Birds (not to be confused with 
Rare Birds) . The Delta 72 . Three Card Trick (with Christina 
from Slant 6 and Amy who is now a professional wrestler) . 
Make Up (really in the forming era) . Harper Simon . 
The Minstrals . Blues Explosion (on Acme album) . 20 Miles . 
Stripmine . Synthetic Movement . CLD .

Me: At what age did you start being so hip?
GF:Started getting good records at age 13 ; Black Flag/PIL
as far as hip , what does that mean these days ? 
With american apparel , the interweb and vice mag , they all killed it .
Me: Yeah, I like to say that people have
begun "downloading" their style and personas.

Me: Who are your style influences?
GF: Influences were anyone from 60's french cinema , 
VU , Rolling Stones , Danger Diabolik , 60s Dylan and Black Panther Movement . 
Maybe also Tina Turner from Ike era .

Me: Describe your hair. How long have you had this hair style, and who cuts it?
GF: Umm indescribable , had it 10 years ? Cut by me !

 Me: Tell us about your dream outfit.
GF: Dream Outfit hmm , I have it ; 2 South Paradiso suits !

Me: You had your own 'zine as a youngster. Talk about that a little.
GF: A little ? This is not a novel here haha ! Spy vs Spy , 
was a magazine mainly about music , with a mod spy theme !

Me: Please explain to the kids what Delta 72 is.
GF: The Delta 72 was a punk mod soul band on touch and go 
records that had jason from mule and kim from cupid car 
club . We toured and made records . Our debut was on
 KRS and Dischord records (always happy about this)

Me: What are the differences between the Philly "scene"
10 years ago, and how it is today?
GF: Indie rock was not the main stream and punk mod and 
soul were all combined . The look being way more mod , 
everyone looked a bit sharper and more original doing so . 
You need to ask Darshana and Chetana Borah , 
they always looked the best of anyone !
Me: They are my style icons of Philly.

Me: How did you link up with Cat Power?
GF: I knew Chan from Judah Bauer and from playing with her 
years before . Judah said she wanted a new band , and I was in 
Miami at the same moment she was , We linked up and became fast best buddies . Started with her 4 years ago ?
She is the Greatest , haha no pun , of all ! 

Me: Tell us about some of the celebrities that you have
met/become friends with? Who was your "oh my god" of all the
people you've met?
GF: Man I dont' wanna get into name drop station , I will say 
meeting and Playing with Nick Cave and Neil Young were 
definite great times . And Marianne Faithful was great too !

(That's Marianne Faithful)

Me: Describe what a normal day on tour with a band like Cat Power is like.
GF: Get up , Check out . Get On bus . Go to sleep again . Arrive to 
new accomodation . Rest . Soundcheck . Meeting . Dinner . GIG . 
Hangout w Friends . Watch a Movie on Bus > go to sleep 
while meditating haha . Sounds boring , we have alot of laughs though !

Me: You've been through so much over the years but you always
seem to come out on top. Who or what gives you the strength?
GF: My strength comes from all my great friends and family 
and from a power greater than myself . . 
I can;t do any of it on my own will .

Me: All Saint's Day. How did this come about, and where is it going?
GF: ASD is just me and my friend Katy from the Vivian Girls , we just 
bonded on life and music . We have a single coming on a 
label called ART FAG , who did recs by Crocodiles and the 
Dum Dum Girls . Ian st Laurent is designing the artwork!
We will most likely tour when the single comes out ! I mean 
we will definitely tour probably by Autumn .
(You can listen to All Saint's Day's new track HERE at Gorilla Vs Bear's Blog)

Me: Will you be back up here any time soon?
GF: Phila I will be there to dj my night ; T v I by summers end !!!

Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
GF: 5 years ? Well I see myself playing , producing 
and making the score for films !

Me: What advice do you have for me?
GF: for you - Know what you're worth . I think the world of you . 
Stop drinking shitty $1 drinks as well !

Me: How does it feel to be the shit?
GF:  Hmm I ain;t the shit , we are equals here ! 
You're pretty alrite though ! 

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