Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Travis Wayne//Convent Shop Interview

This is a big week for my good friend Travis Wayne. He is all grown up and is 
opening his OWN STORE! I have known him for several years now and we
have often thrown around ideas of what types of stores we wanted to open, and different 
business plans here and there. But this time folks, he actually went 
and did it, and I am quite proud of him. Just by looking at the impressive
list of brands that Convent will carry, and the chic and modern promo photos,
I can tell that I'm going to want nearly everything in the shop. 
Let's get to know him (and Convent) a little better.

Me: Explain yourself
TW: I’m Travis Wayne. 25. Originally from Florida, 
former resident of Philly, stylist, and new shop owner in New York.

Me: So what exactly is this store going to be about?
TW: CONVENT is a progressive multi-label boutique set to open doors in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Grounded in a love for post-punk, grunge and new wave, the store appeals to the counter-culturally-aware while providing a mix of affordable and high-end garments and accessories. CONVENT mixes elements of street wear, goth culture, and 90s pop fashion. The concept is to educate the consumer through innovative fashion while developing emerging fashion talent and trends.

Me: What brands will you carry?
TW: Currently, sally lapointe, backstage, shin, beetle & flor, dusen dusen, geronimo collection, teamo, kai aakmann, cheap monday, costume dept., malu, odeur, vengeful minds, dark matter, the twentyten, plain, motel, erresiete, jeffrey campbell, pop issue, rick owens drkshdw, micche, trisklaidekaphobia, postmoderntease (Gary Freeman, of Philly), travis taddeo, a.morir, i love factory, drei collection, kill city, ny chhorm (of Philly) and don't shoot the messengers.

Me: Describe the differences between Philly and New York
TW: In Philly, there is an overwhelming feeling of “living for the moment”. Some of the best parties and late night ragers I’ve ever experienced have been in Phiadelphia. People have fun without worrying about the consequences. The fashion tends to fall more on the comfort side, as mostly everyone I know rides a single-speed or fixed gear around. Philly has a small community interested in fashion, therefore, everyone is extremely supportive and helpful. I have never in my life been somewhere where people are OBSESSED with a convenience store like they are in Philly with their beloved Wawa. I was once standing in line at the coat check at Transit (for Making Time) and this girl couldn’t stop talking about the new Ciabatta Melts at Wawa – that was culture shock.
Me: I was there with you. We also went to wawa after this.
I also recall people getting drinks thrown on them and others being
stabbed with lit cigarettes.)

Me: You've been all over...where do you think you'll settle down someday?
TW:  I’ve lived in New York for a total of 6 years (counting my 8 month break in Philly, My 3 month break in Mexico City and my 6 month break in Los Angeles). New York is and always will be my home, but I do love to travel at least once a month or so. I grew up in the STICKS (literally milking cows and feeding horses), so I do love nature, but I have no plans to settle down anywhere but New York.

Me: When I met you, you were blondes have more fun?
TW: Fuck blondes! Go natural! 

Me: What advice do you have for me?
TW: Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! I told you a long time ago to “get out while you still can” and move to New York – for purely selfish reasons. I think you’re doing something innovative and exciting in Philly, you have a dope apartment, cheap rent, a solid job, good friends, a successful online business etc… why leave? I love to visit Philly, and it’s always inspiring to check out what new items you have in your vintage stash or what new hip hop posters you have in your bedroom. You are my style icon.

Me: Who are your style icons if any...
TW: Aside from you, Jacci, my personal style icons are James Dean, Blossom, Kurt Cobain, Sigourney Weaver (circa Aliens), Mad Max, James Duval (circa the Doom Generation), Zack Morris, Nicola Formichetti, marylin manson, Morrissey, Joe Strummer, Rick Owens, Patti Smith, and Fresh Prince. I get inspiration mostly from music and film.

Me: Why are boys so meannnn?
TW: It’s in our nature. Liking dudes doesn’t exempt me from that rule. 
I’m meannnn too!
(Editor's note: This question makes me think that I must
have been a little tipsy when I wrote this interview)

Me: What are you wearing?
TW: Currently, a vintage Skinny Puppy t-shirt, Black Milk waxed cotton pants, a Kai Aakmann cape/vest, patent leather Dr. Martens, and a Chrishabana black leather cap.

Me: How does it feel to be the shit?
TW: I dunno… how does it feel, Jacci?

CONVENT officially opens tomorrow, Friday April 2nd.

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  1. It's gonna be a big success, looks very atractive I'm sure! :)