Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girls About Town

This is a section where I showcase Philly
"Girls About Town" who have a unique style and presence.
You have probably seen them around. 

Carrie Morrissey 
 How long have you been in Philly
I moved to philly in 2000, left in 2006, and now i am back and forth between brooklyn and fishtown.

Describe your style
To quote Jem and the Holograms, "it all depends on the mood i'm wearing, i can be beautiful or truly outrageous, it all depends on the mood i'm in! ooh ooh the mood i'm in!"

What is your most treasured thrifted find?
i have two items presently:
1. vintage gingham vivienne westward, aaaah, piece?  it is a top that you can wrap, belt, tie and pin around in a multitude of spectacular n asymmetrical ways! my man got for it me at Genesis P-Orridge's (Throbbing Gristle) estate sale/performance piece down the street from our apt - i even have a certificate of authenticity!
2. my baby pink suede motorcycle jacket with fringe.  i actually bought it for $5 when i was 15 and have been holding onto, waiting to wear until the time was right.  that time is now. haha 

Where do you shop in Philly? ( do not name any secret thrift spots)
Topstitch Boutique!  it is literally impossible to go there and not leave with something.  i have never done that.  Decades Vintage and Bella Boutique are also some of my old faves… and since i've been visiting, Reward - phenomenal stuff there too…

Do you have any style role models?
can i say MKO?  also i love Crystal Renn, she is a huge influence in the fashion world right now - a healthy influence… oh and Karl. duh… and you jac, i've started DIYing my nails cause of you…

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