Monday, May 3, 2010

This Weekend's photo review

(Analog Sol Record Shop reopening party on 5th and Dickinson.
Mindy beating the drums with from a tree. And 
the hours are actually till 9...i originally thought it said 3-4 on Sunday and
thought it was kinda funny)

Just killin' some time at Love Park....

For some reason I suddenly have found an interest in going to historical
landmarks. It may just be that they are great photo ops. Yesterday, we went to
Washington DC to see the White House and that monument. We noticed that
there was like no trash at all in that city, nor any cigarette smokers. It was a 
beautiful day followed by a sweltering Chinatown busride home.

(The world's oldest tree)

(Segway crew)

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  1. these are great! Didiyou see this yet? New jam of the week?