Sunday, June 20, 2010

Duck Salad

I just realized that food can be trendy. I've noticed that duck salads
are verrrry popular now. I first had one a couple years ago at the
Standard Tap, and recently I've been eating them everywhere I go.
Here's what I've tried so far.

The Standard Tap's was my first. The duck portion is good sized,
and it is the only salad I've had that comes with this little hardened slices of
bread, making it my favorite thus far.

I also really liked the duck salad at Monk's . What I mostly
remember about it is there was a large amount of goat cheese, which
I love.

Garces Trading Company also has a duck salad, but in completely
different form. It is almost more like a small pie with pieces of duck, 
potatoes, and more.

Although Beau Monde is known for its crepes, I decided
to try the duck salad yesterday. It was a nice large salad
with pieces of duck (not on the bone), and little orange slices throughout.

1601 just added the salad to its menu. I remember this one
being pretty large with duck on the bone, sliced strawberries
and crumpled (i think it was blue?) cheese.

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