Friday, June 4, 2010

Hipster ranking.

Today is the first annual Bell's Bike Shop hipster ranking. Who is the 
biggest hipster of all? Well apparently....

This all started because they won't shut up with calling
me a hipster constantly and I'm all like oh real offensive that you're 
telling me that I am pretty much super cool and hip and ahead of 
my time because that is technically what a hipster is. So 
thank you, I am happy to be the hippest person here.

I'm gonna give the second position to Erin "Diamond Girl" McCurdy.
She is a girl dj, hates most everything anyone else likes, and she's 
wearing a tee shirt of a picture of herself looking cool, while drinking
a Sparks, and her boyfriend has a rattail so, I mean she is a shoe in.

This one is a toss up. I mean, Chuck definitely fits the mold of a hipster, gets called
out for his tight pants on a daily basis, wears a beanie in 90 degree weather, and listens
to Roscoe Dash. But Steve Bell....he owns a fucking bike

This is a weird one. Francis Ertl is probably the biggest hater so that
could make him the BIGGEST hipster. I'm sorry Frank but you are wearing a 
cutoff denim vest from your BIKE GANG, you drink cheap beer at the El Bar
and are the biggest music snob at this bike shop. You lose.


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  2. That frank guy looks like a real ass-hole, and Jacci looks like she tries too hard, so she is definitely the winner.

  3. for a non hipster it is. im a real one, and it's easy. you lose!

  4. you dont work at bell's so you don't count. so sorry.