Friday, July 30, 2010

A Force of Nature

Today I received these amazing photos from jewelry and accessories line RP/Encore. I was immediately attracted to the interesting, well presented items, but the story behind thems is so much greater. Jeweler, Reid Peppard is also a taxidermist. She finds already dead animal carcasses (roadkill and 'pests') and creates beautiful works of wearable art out of them. I know this might not be "right up everyone's alley", and it may seem a little nutty, but it's like way avant garde and must be appreciated.
Definitely a collection that makes me go WOW.

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  1. jacci! thanks so much for the post!!

    We're doing a competition right now to win a free fox toe bone ring in silver at the moment--- you should apply!!

    Thanks again for the SUPER kind words!!!:)XRP/Encore