Monday, July 19, 2010

A mini vacation

I went home to Newport this weekend.

I always overpack..but with all the wrong, unecessary things.

The first time we got lost. We were like "how do you get to I-95" and 
the gas station guy is like "just go to I-95", we're like "ok thanks."

McDonalds in Connecticut really do care.

Every store on the way to RI was sold out of 4 Loco, so
we had to get Joose. The liquor store guy is like "what are you
goin to the warped tour or something?"

This was really good steak and mashed potatoes at a Mexican
restaurant. But then I drank a lot, and puked it all up. Sorry.

I told you there are guidos in Rhode Island.

My dream car is for sale.

Lobster salad roll.

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