Monday, July 26, 2010

Probably the most interesting thing I've posted to date.

I don't know if me rearranging my dresser is as interesting to anyone else as it is to me but....I found this chest thingy on the sidewalk the other day and I kind of hate that cheap wood finish but I took it in anyways. Then when I opened it I was like WHOA. All the drawers are lined in green velvet, and the top opens up with a mirror, and even has two long side doors. I quickly threw all my jewelry, nail polish, etc into it. I think I will attempt to paint the outside in a Mondrian style.

So then I had to also rearrange everything else on my dresser.
It's super cluttered but with a bunch of stuff I actually like,
so I don't mind it much.
And yeah that is Teen Spirit deoderant. I had to look far and 
wide for that shit. My first deoderant was Carribean Cool by 
Teen Spirit, ah the memories.

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