Monday, August 30, 2010

Cool Collab

I think this collaboration between Volcom and Jennifer Herrema is very on point. If you don't know who Jennifer Herrema is, you should go look up "badass chick" in the dictionary because I'm pretty sure her picture would be next to it. She is the iconic Royal Trux and RTX front woman who is probably known for her unique style as much (if not more) than for her screaming and groaning on stage. With her shaggy bangs, distressed bell bottoms, fox tail, oversized plaid shirts, and loads of Native American-style silver and turquoise jewelry, she owns the look that every girl working at Urban Outfitters has been striving for. She is the real deal. And now she has designed her own shredded denim pieces in cahoots with Volcom. They're limited edition so therefore, a little on the unobtainable side, but cool none the less.

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