Monday, August 30, 2010

Very random weekend

Might as well jump.

Lou looking majestic as ever.

The hands have eyes.

American Idle.

There was a bunch of cocks at Target.

Trying on lacy dresses at Marshalls.

Not a flower in sight.

Except for this air conditioner bouquet.

I hate whites.

Scallops and shrimps.

"You are a douche"

My shoe was described as hideous.

Frampton modeling her new purple pants at Sweet Jane.

I actually ate this rice. And swallowed it even.

James Dean.

"you leave Linda out of this she's a good lady"
on Khyber bathroom ceiling.

I was like "where's your shoes?" and she was like "oh they behind the bar".


  1. Love the James Dean photo ;) but I am somewhat of a Frampton fan. Great Great pics!