Thursday, September 2, 2010

Double socks

Vintage checkered boxy blazer.
Vintage silk button down shirt.
Limited black leather shorts.
Dollar store red socks.


  1. Are those 80's Limited Leather shorts? If so, I have those exact same shorts!

  2. i saw this on chictopia and loved it. adore your style and the socks are an awesome twist. loving your blog, definitely a new fave and following :)

  3. Jacci I have a 70's brown leather belt, that has your name on it! ! ! I was going thru my stash of vintage ( realized that it is spelt the same way you spell your name.. It is soooo meant to be....... When I get home i will snaps some pics to show you... Weird!!! I will get back to you soon, via email. :)