Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This bubble will be burst

This RV camper is for sale across the street from work and it has become
a fantasy of mine. A home on wheels. No rent. Being able to pick and go day by day.
I picture stringing Christmas lights around the edges of it, and laying out on the roof 
parked by a beach somewhere. I could sell clothes right outside of my door. I would 
have my own "stoop parties" wherever I wanted and whenever I wanted.
I even started imagining what music I would play in there while driving and 
what outfits I would be wearing if I lived in there. 
Like Caroline tearfully told Alby on Real Housewives, "don't let ANYONE tell you
what you can't dooo".


  1. Can I join you? It can be our Gypsy Wagon...

  2. yes that is actually what I want to be now. a gypsy.

  3. ive always imagined driving cross country and having a moving store out of an RV..