Sunday, October 17, 2010

Little Doe

I love everything about Little Doe. From the hand crafted headdresses and headbands to the crystal necklaces and lingerie. The presentation and photos are perfect. I think my favorite would be this bird headband, and the butterfly crown for sure.


  1. love your style & can't wait to shop your store! but i just can't get down with white chicks wearing a headdress/it being considered fashionable.

  2. "Headdresses, feathers, and warbonnets have deep spiritual significance. The wearing of feathers and warbonnets in Native communities is not a fashion choice. Eagle feathers are presented as symbols of honor and respect and have to be earned... Those costume shop chicken feather headdresses aren’t honoring Native craftsmanship. And you will be very hard pressed to find a Native artist who is closely tied to their community making headdresses for sale." -Adrienne Keene