Wednesday, October 6, 2010


YAY!! Being Perfect is Hard has turned one year old today. I can't believe I actually stuck with this. I've tried to start blogs in the past but never felt like I was interesting enough for people to keep reading the shit I wrote. 
 When i started I wasn't quite sure what direction this blog was going in, and it ended up going in a lot of directions as a result. I obviously love to cover fashion mainly but photos of friends and the things I do on a daily basis, videos and music I like, and promoting parties and events that I support have all become a daily process for me and I really enjoy it. Thank you for everyone that keeps coming back to this blog and I hope I can keep you entertained for years to come (or at least many months). I've compiled a bunch of my favorite people, photos and things that I've covered over the past year, which wasn't very easy considering I had to go through 1000s of posts. Here ya go!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Being Perfect is Hard!! Congrats!xoxo