Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Year in Review: Interviews

I think my most favorite thing I've done with this blog are the interviews I've conducted. I chose a handful of my friends that I find interesting and who are doing something special or cool in Philly and elsewhere. So far I've interviewed djs, artists, musicians, bartenders, bloggers, store owners etc. and I hope in the next year to do a bunch more. I have posted links to all them (they're pretty entertaining...especially if you know the people personally), photos and my favorite pieces of each interview

(DJ of popular party Night Train, and countless others)

Me: What's your secret?

ISL: light cigarettes,airbourne daily,maximum 5 whiskey on the rocks a night,minimum 4 hours of sleep,only watch good movies,only listen to good music,own records,dismiss stupid and boring people,ignore 85% of what anyone says to you,smoke weed occassionally,surround yourself with people and things that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch and treat those things/people/ with care..

 (Popular bartender at No Libs bar 700 Club)
Anders: My girlfriend once told me "Anders, I will never retard my children with your genes."

 (DJ of Night Train and boy about town)

Me: What's your secret?
DW: Staying in the moment. Thats the only place i've ever found true happiness. Not worrying about all the fucked up shit i did in the past or pondering how I was going to arrange the future, because that shits none of my business.

 (Famous photographer, and artist)

Bands: Tough Shits, Asteroid # 4, Love City
Hangouts: Passyunk Triangle, FDR skatepark, Ray's Happy Birthday, Union League
Skate spots: FDR and the Tool Box
Parties: FDR, Tough Shits after parties are the all time best. Fluids night club.
Stores (to shop at): Anastasia Antiques, Antique Lighting Emporium. Burberrys.
Stores (visually): Amberella, Very Bad Horse, Delicious, Forman Mills,
Best dressed: Psydde Delicious, Jacci Stallone
Places to eat: Beau Monde, Gus' Meatball sandwiches at 5th and South. La Beck Fin. 

Nikki Moose 
(Blogger of Dirty Flaws and style icon)

Me: What's your secret?

NM: If i told you . i would have to kill you.  

Travis Wayne 
(Owner of hip new shop Convent NYC) 

Me: What advice do you have for me?
TW: Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! I told you a long time ago to “get out while you still can” and move to New York – for purely selfish reasons. I think you’re doing something innovative and exciting in Philly, you have a dope apartment, cheap rent, a solid job, good friends, a successful online business etc… why leave? I love to visit Philly, and it’s always inspiring to check out what new items you have in your vintage stash or what new hip hop posters you have in your bedroom. You are my style icon. 

Gregg Foreman 
(Plays in Cat Power, Delta 72, etc, style icon) 

Me: What advice do you have for me? 
GF: for you - Know what you're worth . I think the world of you . Stop drinking shitty $1 drinks as well !

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