Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Great Day for Mummery

New Years Day in Philadelphia is one of the reasons I think people like living in this city. Its the one day of the year (besides the days we win the World Series) where everyone and their mother comes out, gets drunk, acts like a fool in streets and pretty much can do whatever they want. Even the cops are in on it. The Mummer Parade is an all day parade that travels down Broad street into the center of the city. The Mummers consist of 100s of brigades of mostly grown white men who wear dresses and elaborate costumes and dance around drunk. I think it's safe to say that it may be the single most gayest thing in the world, but everyone seems to love it. They televise the whole parade and they have their own commentators who make comments like "oh there's little Sammy Guaglione, I wonder how his father's doing", and "Where do they get those little umbrellas!? China?", and "Pump those parasols". After the parade, everyone heads to Second St. in South Philly which for some reason everyone calls "Two Street" on New Years Day, and proceed to get even more incredibly wasted. There's U Hauls carting around people still in costume blasting mainstream hits and string band type songs. You can pretty much go pee in any strangers house or on the street and no one will stop you. Also, you can just throw your trash on the ground, it is awesome. Heres a few pictures from my New Years Day.

People going nuts and dancing on a bunch of trash.
Lou looking like a little gray unicorn. Lounicorn.

Many people were bashed in the head with this bat.

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