Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miss America Re-cap

Am I the only loser who actually stayed in on Saturday night and watched the Miss America pageant? God, I'm sorry but it was so boring. First of all the host was so impersonable and forgettable. And Brook Burke. They have her practically running after the girls back stage trying to ask them questions. Finally when none of the girls are paying any attention to her, she just like grabs one from behind and sticks the microphone in her face and the girl's like "Sorry, I didn't even hear the question" and Brook goes "Oh my god they're so nervous they can't even hear me."  (That doesn't even make sense.) Then during the the talent portion (which surprisingly wasn't bad...just boring) they had little blurbs pop up with "interesting" facts about the girls. My favorite was "Can raise chickens, grow corn, and plow a field". Like who was writing those, a 5 year old? Then they picked a winner who was actually the youngest to ever win at just 17 years old. But it was pretty much based on NOTHING. They were all the SAME PERSON. So weird. The only thing worth while that I learned from watching the Miss America Pageant is that Puerto Rico is considered a state and  that Kathy Ireland now endorses the $189 window. So thaaaaats where she's been.

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