Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My computer was so damn slow this morning driving me INSANE. So I got a little backed up with stuff I wanted to post...First my "outfit" of the day, is all vintage with that Versace necklace I put together. Then, I finally got my Fashionary in the mail. I swear I'm not like getting payed to plug this product or anything, I just highly suggest it for anyone who likes fashion, doodling, etc. It's a little black book that fits in most purses with the front almost like a cheat sheet for fashion terms/ patterns/ how to read laundry symbols (my favorite part), etc. The majority of the book consists of seemingly blank pages with very faint outlines of silhouettes for you to sketch your own fashion designs on. The outlines are so faint though, that you can doodle, write, draw whatever you want in there. It's pretty much one of those things that you're like "I should have thought of that" but you didn't so just shut the hell up and buy one from the genius that did invent it: The Fashionary. Then to finish off this post, I did one of those "what's in my purse" thingys where it looks like what it would look like if your purse threw up. Also to finish off this DAY, I got laid off from djing Drinkers on Thursday nights, so don't bother looking for me there. I will sadly miss Christopher Palmer and Alan Peterson, but openly accept being able to watch Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives at their allotted times.

(H&M leopard hat// Vintage sunglasses// Dior Hypnotic Poison perfume// Vintage fancy lady mirror// Vintage patchwork wallet// Rose salve lip balm// Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine// Dollar store hot pink lipstick// a couple studded rings// iPhone// The Fashionary// Vintage studded purse// Melody Ehsani Benz earrings)

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