Sunday, February 13, 2011

Live Blogging the Grammys

So far my red carpet favorite was the Asian girl that came as one of Jamie Foxx's TWO dates. Awkward. But her dress was the best. Other people that look good include Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum's toes, and NOT Miley Cyrus.

-Well of course Christina doesn't look like she did in the Genie in the Bottle days. That shit was like 15 years ago.

-Jennifer Hudson looks good.

-Lady Gaga has the gay anthem of 2011. The pointy shoulders are both weird and entertaining. Like.

-I wish I could fast forward through this performance. 

-I wish I could fast forward through this performance.

-God this is boring.

-The "coming up next" just included Bruno Mars (who I thought was one person but apparently it's 3 and I still have no idea what they even sing), BOB who's songs make me want to stick a needle in my ear...ok i'm go gonna watch Basketball Wives for a bit.

-Ugh even worse, it's a collaboration! I HATE collaborations.

-Wait, is Bruno Mars one person or three? There were 3 on the red carpet now just one. Im confused. I hate this.

-Ok this black and white part is sort of cool.

-Have they seriously only given out one award so far? To Tool? or Train or whatever. Same thing.

-This just sounds like chaos.

-Cyndi Lauper!


-Oh so that's where Jewel went...she's a country singer now.

-I wouldn't mind punching Carrie Underwood in the face. It's a punchable face.


-Yay, finally its Beiber time.

-And then I get to finally find out what the fuck the Mumford and Sons are.

-Eva Longoria. Haha.

-You've got it you've got it bad. Aww how cute.

-I have nothing to say.

-I'm done sorry I got bored with this real fast.

-I love Usher though. Seriously.

-Ok now this is a collaboration I can deal with.

-Paramoure's Jeremy Scott dress. Yes or no? I can't decide.


-Was that seriously the Best Rock category? Is this a joke?? 

-I wonder what Mick Jagger has up his sleeve. I don't really think I want to see it. 

-THIS is Mumford and Sons?? People used to request this when I djed at Drinkers. WHy would you request this at Drinkers? God. 

-They playin the shit out of those stringed instruments

-haha Lindsey Lohan walks out of the Staples Center with a Grammy shaped bulge under her dress.

-Bob Dylan sounds like Clint Eastwood at the end of Gran Torino!!! HAHAH

-Chuck was just like "who is this guy??" and i was like 'ITS BOB DYLAN!!"

-Ok John Mayer you're never going to be Johnny Depp so just stop it.

-I'm going to watch Lost now. We're on Season 5, the part when Sawyer has become a part of the Dharma Initiative and Kate, Jack, and Hurley have just returned from the future.

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