Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Most Heartwrenching TV Moment Ever

The Six Feet Under finale.
Oh. My. God.

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  1. kudos. girl. kudos - i know. amazing. my name is patty, and i lived in philadelphia when i found six feet under on netflix. went to work the morning after i watched the last season on an all night marathon, and couldn't concentrate at work - until i finally turned to my older, awesome woman boss and said - have you ever watched 6 ft. under? she said "YES!" and i started to cry at work - and told her i had just watched the series finale that morning!
    anyways, i read your blog, used to live in philly, now live in portland
    maine - hopefully starting up my own blog soon (after i can affords the internet) now that i'm working full time slaying fishies as a fish monger in a so coastal appropriate job in portland maine - read you soon! xo