Tuesday, March 1, 2011

INTERVIEW: Kathy from Darkness + Dawn

Today I have a little interview with up and coming designer Kathy about her new label, Darkness + Dawn based out of San Francisco. The five Spring/Summer looks consist of things I love; velvet, fringe and stripes.
I asked her a few questions here both about her collection and 
fashion in general.
Me: Give us a brief background about your company Darkness + Dawn.
Kathy: After working in vintage for years I'd been pining away at the idea of starting a vintage inspired clothing line. Basically, I wanted to take all of my favorite pieces and update them so that they appealed to both vintage lovers like myself and girls that like more contemporary designers.

Me: Describe your personal style a little. 
Kathy: My personal style is pretty firmly rooted in 70s fashion. When I started working at vintage stores I was in head to toe 70s everyday. And because it was my first love I've always found myself coming back to that decade. I love early to mid 70s glam era stuff like hot pants and platforms and I also love the late 70s punk, tough girl look with tight high-waisted denim, a tight tee,fitted motorcycle leather and chuck taylors a la Joan Jett in the Runaways. 

Me: What are your favorite items for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons? 
Kathy: For spring I'm really the 70s by way of 90s look. I loovvve the sheer bell bottoms  and cut out dresses by American Gold, the mullet skirts that a lot of companies are doing where they're short in the front and long in the back. Pretty much all of Jeffrey Campbell's shoes, especially the Foxy Wood open-toe platforms.

Me: Who would you love to see wearing your clothing?
Kathy: I would love to see people like Erin Wasson, Pamela Love and Chloe Sevigny wearing my clothes.

Me: How do you think the internet/blogging has changed the fashion industry. Any pros or cons?
Kathy: I think the internet, especially bloggers have changed fashion for the better. Bloggers are being flown out to fashion week, being asked for their input on product development and are really becoming taste makers for a new generation. On the down side, I think that the speed at which trends come and go is kind of crazy now. It makes fashion seem more disposable and there's more of an emphasis on buying cheap, poorly made stuff rather than buying well designed, well-made clothing. 

Me: What can we expect next from Darkness + Dawn
Kathy: Well, true to the name of the line, the next season A/W 2011/12 will be more of the Dawn. I'm using all white and cream as my color palette. Expect to see an full collection that includes shorts, pants and jumpsuits. 

(The designer herself)

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