Thursday, April 7, 2011

Callin' All Surfer Girls!

If you dream of being a model, and aren't afraid to show off your body in a bikini, this is the contest for you. If chosen you will get to walk in what may be one of the most unique runway shows I've heard of...a one way runway in which you will leap off a cliff at the end and jump into the sea in an O'Neill superkini (super because it won't fall off of you). Oh and best of all, this runway is in IBIZA. All you have to do is upload your best cliff leaping photo onto O'Neill's facebook page HERE. If you get enough votes, you will be flown to Ibiza to show off your stuff to a panel of judges including supermodels and surfers. And if you will be O'Neill's newest surfer babe model. Pretty cool!

Supermodel judge Elise Taylor!!

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