Monday, June 20, 2011

Nail Tattoos...

...will make you look more hardcore when eating a bagel sandwich....

Did you know you can get your nails tattoed? I didn't. But when I heard about it, I decided to try it out. Apparently it was a somewhat popular trend back in the 80's, and like all great things it is making a comeback. I went in to Moo Tattoo where my friend Bobby works on South Street (Philadelphia)the other night not quite sure what to expect. But now I can tell you exactly what to expect. Oh and please excuse if my nails look a little grimy...I do work in a bike shop so I tend to get grease and dirt on my hands everday.

Step 1: Your designs are sketched out.
Step 2: The designs are transferred or freehanded onto
your nails with a pen.
Step 3: The tattoo process is done. (Yes a tattoo gun is used)
Step 4: Wash the ink off your nails and you're good to go.

The total process takes about 30-45 minutes depending on what you want done. Some concerns might be "does it hurt?" The answer is no, not at all. This isn't like getting a tattoo on your skin. All you'll feel is a lot of vibrating on your nail surface (the needle doesn't go through your nail at all). How about "what if I get tired of how it looks?" You can just paint over it with nail polish. You might need a couple coats extra to cover it completely. "Is it permanent?" No, but it is semi-permanent meaning you will have this on your nails until the nail grows out. Finally, "how much does this cost?" It will set you back about $60.

Moo Tattoo, above The Chop Shop on South St. in Philadelphia.
Ask for an appointment with Bobby (he also does real tattoos).

(I chose a bunch of my favorite things which include Bart Simpson heads, a Wu Tang symbol, a Chanel logo, a diamond, an eye, a pizza slice, a smiley face, a dollar sign and a heart)


  1. oh, and bobbys hair looks amazing.

  2. for 60$? it looks like some kid drew on your nails in math class which is okay i guess but for 60$??

  3. hahah sixty bucks for this shit? looks like you got a kid to draw it on.


  5. i guess they don't listen to wu tang in phoneix

  6. I think this is pretty awesome. Kudos.

  7. nails so dirty!!!

  8. Haha bad ass! I love it. And for $60. I piss away more than that every night! Good shit!

  9. Great. It would help if you would clean your frikin nail, they are disgustingly dirty...