Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I just got my Marianne Faithfull autobiography on Friday and then I read the shit out of it and I'm already done. So good, I def. recommend it if you like reading about rock stars, drugs, and hearbreak like I do.

and then I made this collage on Polyvore inspired by her 60's style of psychadelic prints, velvet, bell bottoms, gypsey jewelry and of course a good old Rolling Stones crop top.

(Alice in the Eve Velvet jacket// Ossie Clark sketches// Ossie Clark model// Vintage silk top hat// Rokit Rolling Stones shirt// Biba Maxi dress// Marianne Faithfull with dog// Genia's bangle set// Balmain suede bell bottoms)


  1. Maybe you already posted about reading the Patti Smith memoir, but it's equally as good as Marianne Faithfull!

  2. I found Pamela Des Barres memoir in a box of free books on my block, I am saving that one for the beach!

  3. i have all her books too. i can't get enough.