Sunday, September 11, 2011

CONTEST ALERT!! BeingPerfectIsHard X Vice UK

You know them and you love them; the Vice Magazine Do's and Dont's. I've been reading them since I was 18 when you'd literally have to go down to South Street and go store to store to find the damn magazine.

 The nice people at Vice UK sent me a copy of the new book full of Do's and Don'ts, and guess what?? They sent me TWO. So I'll be giving one away to a lucky blog reader.

1) Be a follower of this blog. If you're not already, it will take you literally 30 seconds to "follow". Just click the link over there on the right side of the blog.

2) Email me at with the subject 
"VICE BOOK". You don't even have to write anything else (unless you want to.)

3) I'll pick a winner sometime next week and mail the book straight to your door.

I highly recommend this contest to people who like to read books in the bathroom.
It's full of shit humor.

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