Monday, September 19, 2011

My Psychological Study of the Night

I can't help but posting this. I'll admit I'm the first person to get annoyed when people go on the internet and complain about how high things are priced and wah wah wah whatever, but I was kind of shocked to see this! I love Free People's aesthetic, the way things are styled, and I've had lots of friends come and go from that company but when I saw how much they're selling their vintage things online for I almost like fainted. And apparently people actually pay these prices?!? Whattttttttttttt?? And once again, I want to clarify that I'm not knocking their clothes, style, website, or anything like that. I'm just wondering...should am I selling myself short?? Do people maybe think they are getting something more amazing because they're paying so much more for it? I'm on some serious psychological shit right now I think. 

After browsing through their vintage section, i couldn't help comparing all of the very similar items I have up for sale at Some Velvet. On the left column you will see Free People stuff, and on the right, Some Velvet. Just saying.

The Pastel Hippie Piece
Free People: $398 Some Velvet: $72

The Lace Maxi Dress
Free People: $598 Some Velvet: $42

The Drug Rug
Free People: $168 Some Velvet: $34

The Harley
Free People: $138 Some Velvet: $44

The Peasant Shirt
Free People: $168 Some Velvet: $26

The Leather Tool Bag
Free People: $298 Some Velvet: $58

The Tie Dye Top
Free People: $128 Some Velvet: $20


  1. i love this post.

    you are not selling yourself short and it does not mean your shit ain't awesome - it means sometimes people with money to spend LIKE THAT don't spend their time searching - it's there for them LIKE THAT at a familiar, big name site (that doesn't have the cheapest stuff, letsbehonest) and they hit the 'buy' button. it's easier for some people. keep on keepin on and know that it's always to each their know?

    (sorry, wrote this after a few glasses of wine so maybe i don't make a lotta sense...)

  2. welcome to "comp shopping", you should be proud!

  3. i think what i'm most shocked about is that people actually have that much money. haha

  4. $168 for a drug rug?! YEA RIGHT. You are keepin it real girl, and people respect that (something money cannot buy) xxo

  5. I feel you on this..I sell my stuff on eBay with prices like yours and I am always amazed by internet big name prices..but I am not a big balla like them that have all that advertising..but I like that my customers get real prices,and it makes it more accessible to more people to shop:)