Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where I've Been

We went on vacation this week. To Atlantic City in New Jersey. For those readers that aren't familiar with this territory, Atlantic City is a much smaller version of Las Vegas that is located on a beach with a large sprawling boardwalk. It's a place full of luxurious yet slightly dated looking things with a serious mixture of people from all walks of life lurking around. We stayed in the Trump Plaza hotel with an ocean view from a floor to ceiling window on the 14th floor. Oh yeah, it was also heavily foggy and rainy almost the whole time we were there which actually just enhanced the underlying grunginess of the boardwalk, making for some eeriness. Some of my highlights include a great lobster roll (I never expect to find a good one outside of Newport Rhode Island), finding a colony of cats that live on and under the boardwalk, lots of good thrifting, staring at the rich people's mansions with huge waves crashing at their back doors in the neighboring towns, a cafe that looked and felt like a rainforest had a thunder and lightening show every 15 minutes. Here's some photos we took.

I took like 20 pictures of this amusement park.
It was unfortunetley closed on the days we were there.
There's just something about old amusement parks...

A room with a view.
Unless you look too far to the left and its that huge otrocious
shopping mall with the flashing billboards and birdshit all over it.

The Taj Mahal casino was my favorite.
If you're gonna go gaudy, at least go all the way with it is what I always say. And that's what they've done.

The Monopoly board has signs all over it going 
"do NOT stand on the board" but then it has signs
like "watch your step" which one is it?

This banana was very expensive.
And I'm not kidding.

A nice texture.

Beach cats!

This is actually a fake sky and indoors.

Someone had big Blues Brothers statues guarding their mansion.

This was actually my favorite house I think.

Someone's weird grass.

A horse in the rocks.

If someone tells you that you shouldn't do a cartwheel at age 27, you should prove them wrong and do 4 and pull your hamstring muscles just to prove them wrong.


  1. My dad took me to Longport this summer and showed me the "point" which is where I ALSO saw the Blues Brothers house. I climbed to the back and saw that they have an indoor pool. Longport is FANCY.

  2. cool trip, I live near a boardwalk in Cali that's often empty and fogged in, I'm taking it for granted!