Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Morning

Some random photos I took on my 3 day vacation home to Newport. I wish I had taken more.

I finally found dat Ramona Singer yo.

As usual I packed a bunch of bullshit and then had nothing to actually wear so I did a bunch of shopping at TJ Maxx and Salvation army (some shoplifting there too that was a complete accident and unnoticed till I was halfway home).

A fish sandwich.

The most pretty flower I've ever seen.
They're dyed the same colors as my tie dye J. Cams.


Just a man eating a flower.

Jen's Peg Bundy wig rides around with her at all times.

The birthday girl and a little Flapper doing bare foot African tribal dances in the VIP section.

Jen and Kate making their way to the VIP section amongst the commoners.

Me getting Amy's birthday present an hour before her birthday party.

I got our nickname for each other from high school 
done on my arm.

That ship is bigger than that whole island. Wtf.

Good bye.

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  1. love this and love you. ~jen ziti