Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday/ Thanksgiving weekend

Filet mignon with bacon wrapped scallops and a caeser salad.
Jacci's dream meal.

I got some new fruit boots.

It's not often you go over someone's house and are like 'ohh i like that painting it looks like something I want to wear" and then they just up and take it off their wall and give it to you for your bday (thx Jose)

A new perfume.

My beloved Celia Birtwell book that I wanted so bad and was so surprised to receive.

Alexis and Erin.

Me and Steve trying to portray Alexis and Erin.

A Hilfiger Thanksgiving.

You can't not take pictures of a Waffle House when you actually see one.
To someone from Rhode Island, a Waffle House is like seeing a unicorn.

Finally saw Guns n' Roses after 25 years of being a fan.
We went to the show on Grotz's party bus (a yellow school bus).

I'm reading this now. It's very very good.

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