Saturday, November 19, 2011

Laurel Hill

So the Versace for H&M collection came out this morning. I thought getting there at 5 am would be suitable (at least for Philly, I mean this isn't New York City), but little to our dismay, there were already like 150 people in line wrapped in blankets and laying on the ground when we rolled up. After some serious analization (is that a word?) of the situation, we decided to go to the South Street Diner for omelettes instead, take a nap and then spend our day at the Laurel Hill Cemetary. I've been wanting to walk through this majorly huge and beautiful cemetary for years now, so I'm happy we picked the perfect autumn day to do so. Still a little sad I got no Versace (especially because the pieces are going for over $600 already on ebay. WTF?!?!)

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