Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Cat's Meow

Jawbreaker is one of my favorite movies. I've probably seen it close to 50 times over the years, but it doesn't get old to me. Sure it's cheesy, but it makes me feel sentimental and it's just got so many good one liners. The style is ridiculous. Here, I'll sum it up for you.

-Fern Mayo is transformed from dowdy, dorky (slightly grunge) "nobody" to Voilet...a tall, skinny bitch with platinum hair and hot pink pants.
-Julie (Rebecca Gayheart) wears a skintight bandage dress and bamboo hoops in one scene and then a classy Chanel style suit with bouffant hair in the next.
-Couteney Shane (Rose McGowan) is the biggest bitch of all. And she looks like it too. She wears corset tops with her boobs all over the place with pencil skirts to high school. And of course, in the unforgettable prom scene, she wears some crazy headgear that looks like silver snakes wrapped around an updo (I actually remember people wearing this same thing to my own prom).
-Foxy, the sidekick...Halter crop tops, mini skirts and always the Foxy necklace.

Overall lots of florals, baby doll dresses, very tight minis, crop tops, chokers, very Clueless, very 90's/2000's.

(J Shoppers cardigan// Max and Chloe foxy necklace// Karen Walker sunglasses// Lipsy sequin top// Blumarine pencil skirt// Salvatore Ferragamo kitten heels// H&M pants// Aiko Melle crop top// Teen Spirit deodorant// Louboutin heels// Aritzia skirt// Modcloth lipstick)

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