Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free BOOZE Giveaway!

I'm giving away a case of 24 Narragansett 16oz (that's the tall ones) cans of beer to one lucky winner!!

This may be some sort of first for a style blog giveaway. Today I have a case (that's 4 6 -packs of tall cans) of Narragansett Beer to offer one lucky blog reader. Never heard of Narragansett? That's because Narragansett is a town in Rhode Island, and this beer is brewed in Rhode Island so it may sound a little foreign down here in Philly but I've known about it because I'm from there. So I'm the best person to tell you that you should drink it. Also because I was a professional partier from ages 15-26. (I'm retired for now) and I've had my fair share of party beer.
You can expect to see it all over the place soon, as it has now infiltrated the tri state area. Ordering a Narragansett or 'Gansett as the regulars call it is like someone in Philly ordering a Kenzinger. Or someone out in Kentucky ordering a Budweiser. It's a good go-to beer when you're just looking to have fun.

It's the perfect time of year to win a prize like this. Some things you could do with your case:

1) Give to your boss as a gift.
2) Break it up into 4 seperate gifts. 
3) Use it for a holiday party
4) Make XMas tree ornaments out of the cans
5) Use them as weights.
6) Wear silly glasses, a Slash hat and leopard print and do a mini photo shoot by yourself with beer as your prop.
7)Give one to that guy outside Dunkin Donuts. Give him 2.

1) Be a follower of this blog (click join on the sidebar, it takes 2 seconds, seriously)
2) Leave a comment under this post with your name and email address.
3) "Like" Narragansett Beer on their Facebook

I'll pick a winner sometime next week. 
(Must be in Philly area to pick up case, or within a reasonable distance so I can drop off to you.)

You can also enter this tie design contest Here!


  1. Narragansett Bay is my favorite place for spearfishing! I want to buy this house in Jamestown and drink this beer!

  2. I love Gansett. I want this so bad.


  3. Oh Hell Yeah.......Mmmmmmmmm Gansett......Yes please


  4. hi neighbor! gotta have a 'gansett!


  5. Hi neighbor, I'm in Conshy enjoyin a case of gansetts tonight. Just moved down here i've been livin in gansett for 8 years and I gotta tell you if you like this beer you have gotta try the porter