Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle

A little over a year ago I was able to be a part of a crazy photo shoot at my friend Adam Wallacavage's house. The house was filled with fancy candy, cakes, and was pretty much an Alice in Wonderland type set up. Also in the shoot was fashion designer, Jessica Louise, and New York Ink's Megan Massacre.The photos were taken for Natalia Fabia, who makes beautiful, realistic paintings of anything punk rock and glam. You can see more photos from the day of the shoot HERE!
This past weekend, Natalia had her grand opening show at Jonathan Levine gallery in Manhattan. The opening was insane...it was like packed, which isn't too surprising since the show had writeups all over the place including Elle and Hi Fructose.
Lots of punk rockers, and very stylish people were there. The painting of us is unreal. Very large scale and so detailed and vibrant. 
Here's some photos from the show (via my iphone, Chuck, Noah, and Hi Fructose's site)

Natalia's gold jumpsuit and Louboutins.

Coco and Breezy.

Megan Massacre (image via Hi Fructose)

Oh these are just from dinner before the show. I had lasagna and sangria at
Don Giovannis.

Ok, when we got there, the elevator was so backed up so we're like let's take the stairs. 
I had on these chunky and very heavy Jeffrey Campbells and after the first 3 flights of stairs I literally felt like I couldn't go on. I've never felt that way. I couldn't move but then I started laughing on top of it and then really couldn't move. By the time I got to the gallery I couldn't breath.

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