Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grammys Recap

I didn't see Ciara on the actual show, but I found these pics of her with bangin' two toned hair at some pre-Grammys party.

The Weird...
Ok , I know probably 90% of people HATE this Robyn look, but
I dunno, I get it. Or I like the idea of it...it looks like something I would put together.
I just wish the dress was more flattering on her. If it actually fit her right, this outfit could be very cool.
And to those people slamming this look, those shoes and the long-in-the-back-short-in-the-front skirt are IN style right now. Or at least with street style, maybe not hoity toity  red carpet culture, but yeah that's where she was coming from with this.

The Goods...
I thought overall, Rihanna looked the best. I love her new blond shag, and the dress
was simple, sexy, and chic. My favorite jewelry of the night was Alicia Key's oversized gold necklace.

I liked this Porcelain Black person's outfit. I don't know who she is but I think 
she looks hipper than most.

Adele looked pretty and just seems so happy and real, which is refreshing.

Haha, Rick Ross. This rules.

The bads..
Like I get it, you want to make some big statement or whatever it is,
but you're a fucking rapper. Stick to that. Keep some street cred girl.

These are just WACK...sorry............

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