Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Runway

Remember Victor Luna from last season's Project Runway? I totally thought he should have won and that it was some big bullshit that Anya won (sorry, I did like Anya too, but come on). Here's his fall 2012 collection:

In other Project Runway news...did anyone else catch last nights all stars episode?? They had to design an outfit for the Broadway play Godspell. The character was supposed to look very rich but in a somewhat thrifty type way. Mondo (who won) nailed it with his thrifty-chic peacock lady look and I thought Austin's metallic bubble dress was amazing too. It actually looked better in motion on the runway than it does in the pic below.

Ok so Cara's gone now which was obviously coming. Now I'm thinking Kenley should go next. I thought this look was the worst. What do you think?

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